Monday, November 15, 2010

So Little Knowledge

I just signed in to this site for the first time in...well...many months. I discovered that I left a message for myself on my own site. Ha! It just proves how little knowledge I have about blogging and posting and RSS feeds, etc. I usually subscribe to somebody else's blog and read it as I can, but thought it would be fun to start my own.

Here goes...

Today I spent time with Isaac, the new baby boy rat. He is learning to explore the bed, with quick trips back to mom's safe arms in between journeys! He is one of those 1 in a thousand rats with an unforgettable personality.

Isaac story starts at the home of a colleague of my husband's. His name is Mark. Mark has a couple of snakes that he feeds live rats. This is not a good idea in any case, but in this case, the snake rejected Isaac and Mark offered him to us. He doesn't know what to do with a rat that isn't eaten.

Anyway, my husband, Dick, offered to take him (after asking me - as if that was necessary!) and brought him home last week. Let me say - he is ADORABLE! He has the sweetest personality and loves his humans. He is learning about broccoli, bananas and human mouths. He appears to be a future rodentist.

Isaac is a brownish rat that looks somewhat like a very large mouse. His eyes are situated more on top of his head than on the side, and his ears are huge, which makes him look either like a wild rat or a large mouse. His fur is unique, in that it is a chocolate-colored, soft, baby-like texture from the top of his head down his back and ending at his tail. His sides are different, however, and have an agouti color and a more wild-rat like texture - with the individuals hair sticking out from the sides of his body! I haven't figured out how to capture this peculiarity on camera, yet, because I don't own a worthy camera.

Isaac will be a great source for blogging in the future!

I'll try to post a couple of photos...until next time...
This is Cindy the RatLadyMom signing off.