Monday, September 17, 2012

Cotton Candy, the special Rat: Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy, the special Rat: Cotton Candy: Hello!! My name is Cotton Candy , I'm a little ratty born July 15, 2012 . When I was a month old and lived with my mom and my brothers a big rat escaped from his cage and attacked usOne of my brothers was bitten by a front paw and my the two front pawsOur owner quicklytook us to the vet and there he put us a mask with a strange gas and we fell asleepWhen I woke up my brother was not here and I missingmy two front legs.
Little by little I have grown accustomed to walking on two legs, eat, play, and jump! The hardest thing is to clean the face and back areas,but my owner helps me every day

 I say goodbye until the next update with a picture of me in my favoritebed   <<:3 span="span">

Join Cotton Candy on her adventures!