Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFL Football

Richard (my husband, Dick) and I are watching Green Bay and Chicago play for the NFC Super Bowl Spot. The game is in Chicago and it looks frigid! We even saw mist and fog coming off one of the player's heads!

Anyway, we decided that we didn't really care who won or lost since we didn't have any strong  ties to either team, so Richard chose Green Bay and we started rooting for the Packers. We watched them put 14 points on the board in the first half, during which time Chicago's quarterback, Cutler, a former Denver Bronco, injured his knee. I did some laundry at halftime and in the second half (Todd Collins, the 2nd team QB for the Bears fizzled) our own Caleb Hainey, of Colorado State University, came in as quarterback for Da Bears.  Hainey promptly showed the naysayer announcers that he COULD pass by putting 7 on the scoreboard with a handoff, a very nice pass and a play to Fortay. Go Caleb! Go Bears! 14 - 7 Green Bay.

Neither team looks like they give a hoot whether or not they win this game, however.

The game got good just as I decided to take a shower. While I was in the shower, Da Bears scored again. By the time I settled back in to watch the game, Green Bay had scored again, Caleb tossed a pick and Green Bay won. Hey - that's not fair. I didn't get to watch the best part of the game!

Oh well, so much for Da Bears; but what about that Caleb Hainey? If no one else says it, we are very proud of a guy who gets no play (and in fact has gotten no play in the three years since he has been in the NFL) and nearly rescued the Bears in a SuperBowl Playoff Game! The question, my husband asks is, "Will anybody, anywhere notice Caleb now? Why don't these coaches give these 2nd and 3rd team players more time on the field?" I remind him that life isn't fair.

Tonight's game is Pittsburgh vs. The Jets. I like Pittsburgh because I know more people in Pittsburgh than I do in New York.

Good enough for me.

Go Steelers!

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